Learning from Personal Websites

The major assignment for my class this semester is creating my own website. I chose to create a personal website that will contain information about me for future employers. Before I create my own website I wanted to look at other people personal websites.

One of the personal websites I found was Jewelle Gomez who is a writer. As soon as I clicked on her web page I was instantly intrigued and loved the look of her site. The first thing I notice is she uses effective blurbs about who she is and her different books. According to “Blurbs: Writing Previews of Web Pages” she gives little teasers about her books which needs to be used with caution. The information she gives about her multiple books includes for one title the coauthor and the other title said the book took place at a reunion. I think that she could have given more information in the blurbs to make me want to click on the books more.

The visual look of her website is eye-catching and really made me want to check her website out more. Another, aspect of her website I enjoyed was the easy navigation and user friendliness of the site.

A second personal site I found was Rose Cox who is a web designer. Both are web sites have the same goal which is getting our name out and finding work. The look of her site is absolutely gorgeous and elegant. I was in awe with its design. I loved the little graphics and blurbs she had and how you could easily click on them to get more information.

The lesson I am going to take from Rose Cox’s website is that simple can be very nice and elegant. Also, her placement of her information and navigation of her site. I thought it was very different for her to place the navigation on the top of the page and also in the middle of the page with the blurbs.

A third site I went on that I really did not like was Kieran O’Shea. His site was extremely busy and did not have much white space. Their was just way to much going on especially on the home page. He does have the nice navigation bar which is always helpful but other than that his homepage was a mess. His blog/personal website is the first I came across with a tip jar to give him money. I thought that was different and kind of tacky.

What I learned not to do for my website

  • have to many things going on, especially on the homepage
  • have a “tip jar”
  • random personal pictures that are not professional

After reading and looking at the personal websites I did learn a lot and they gave me fantastic ideas for my own site.

what I learned to do for my website

  • Navigation bar and good placement
  • use blurbs affectively
  • have a nice graphic design and website color

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